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— by Rschallmo Rschallmo
I'm ready to do the Verification of complaint. Just a couple of questions on the highlighted areas. I listened to all the turnabout audios , read and re-read the documents.

I have to get a PO Box. Do I just open one up under my name? All caps or upper / lower case ? Anything else I should be aware of filling it out ?

Ok, now the documents.

Page 1
1. Court heading - whatever court you are in or Supreme Court?

2. Plaintiff - does Wilmington savings and attorney get one each ?

3. In the notice where it's highlighted " PLANTIFF ATTORNEY " use the attorney who initiated the claim, what about 1st attorney who advised me that their office has been retained by Rushmore loan ? Should he be on the hook as well ?
Page 2
4. Annexure A goes on top of these documents ?

Page 7
5. Put " department of health and mental hygiene, division of vital records" State of Maryland ?
Page 8
6. Get 2 witnesses and have notarized ?

Page 10
7. Who sends the affidavit of mailing ,me?
Addressed to:
CLERK OF COURT - do I put name of clerk also or leave it the way it is?
Address to :
PLAINTIFF ( Wilmington savings ? )
Mailing Address ? Does it go to Plaintiff , Plaintiffs Attorney or both ?

Send by Certified Mail ( we're not doing Registered ? ) Do I send this or a witness?

Thanks Bob