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every EIN is a "tax collector" for "usury" (ie: tax on living in sin) and one "gave at the door" when one was "birthed" as the "hospitality center" via the "forced pledge" and with these acts and actions you are merely RATIFYING the action for defense and protection of the Nation because that is the BENEFCIAL PURPOSE for which the "Fiction" was created and for everything EXCEPT that purpose can be defeated for "equity sees that as done what ought to be done" and resistance is futile, thus one becomes the asset in commerce by being the liability in capitalism

AFV/RFV = "deferred income tax asset" which results in a tax refund or the credit written off towards the tax liability of the next period for the Receiver and I am left to wonder, is this the fabled "exemption" everyone keeps talking about but never truly explained?

More simply, when the company pays income taxes before recognizing the need to pay those income taxes the amount paid is recorded as an asset on the balance sheet because it represents a future benefit to the company. The asset account is called prepaid taxes. When the company recognizes the need to pay income taxes before those income taxes are actually paid the amount is recorded as a liability on the balance sheet because it represents a future obligation of the company. The liability account is called deferred income tax.

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