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What is a Republic?
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In a Republic, all "members of the society" are "Kings unto them-self" of whom PLEDGE to and SHARE a common Treasury. The word republic, derived from the Latin res publica, or "public thing," refers to a form of government where the citizens conduct their affairs for their own benefit rather than for the benefit of a ruler.

Thus, any Member of that Society can "take control" of ANY "PUBLIC Person and Estate" (ie: ANY "Fiction" for "Fiction makes several corporations out of what is really one, in order to give each State control over the charters it grants") and operate that FICTION for the benefit and defense of the Kingdom.

In essence ALL-FICTION make up the BODY of the STATE; just like All "Members" make up the Body Politic; the Sovereignty, and together, BOTH make up the WHOLE of the Kingdom.

And the Built in defense mechanism to prevent misuse and abuse of the "fiction" is that "fiction is not admitted where life, liberty, and property and in jeopardy", thus if one "abused the process," then that one is PERSONALLY liable for the damages for that one made "exercise of the RIGHT to profit off property (ie: another's Right to Peace) that did not belong to one," thus USUFRUCTUARY of the "Kings unto them-self" thru the Treasury for the Treasury SUBROGATES the RIGHTS of the Kings, with respect to "COMMERCE FOR PROFIT AND GAIN" to insure and ensure the "common welfare and defense of the Nation" and since the "members of the society" UNDERWRITE the Treasury via their PLEDGE (ie: Last line of Declaration of Independence), EACH ONE of those "members" are entitled to SUBROGATE the RIGHTS of the Treasury for operation of those "defenses" to protect, defend, and expand the Kingdom.

~ Boris

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