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Let me clarify some things. In Massachusetts it's a non-judicial state. So they have to put an order notice for the servicemembers act so the attorney can move forward it's just a procedure in Massachusetts before you foreclose. I only sent the Land court a courtesy copy and I called him up to see if they got the CR letter, that's the only reason why. I also sent the one dollar postal money order in to have them put that into the case for the escrow. It'll be interesting to see what they do, whether they send everything back or not.

I'm not worried about it, and I know the balls in their court now whether they move forward  or not. I'm talking about the attorney and Wilmington savings, which are the ones who got the CR letter. I know they have to prove their claim and they have no jurisdiction for what they're doing.

In the meantime, I've been going thru the turnabout discussions and the audio , it is very informative. I will have the verified complaint and everything that goes along with it ready for Monday.

I do have some questions on the highlighted areas in the letter and I will ask later. I will go through the material again in the audios today