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Question: did you actually READ the Turnabout information and the CR(tm) instructional material cause I thought these questions were answered within those??


1. The one dollar stamp acts to BOND the instrument for negotiation within the domain of the competent jurisdiction ... ie: within pure equity.

2. In camera = in the judges chambers or in the Treasury

Civilian Due Process means that one is NOT an enemy combatant. The surrender one does is as a "civilian," thus a "protected person" under the rules of martial law and the courts and now those same have certain specific DUTIES and OBLIGATIONS they can not deny for the courts are just "peacekeeping operations". Read FM 27-10 and FM 27-5 for more information on this.

3. Butterfly Stamps = pay the postage for the certificate of mailing. Each stamp is ~ 70 cents and the FEE for the Certificate of Mailing is ~ 1.40. You do the math.

4. the canceled 3-cent renders the instrument into a NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT pursuant to "Negotiable Instrument Banking Law" and pays the "Stamp Tax" imposed by the IRS in 1863, or whatever, to offset 26 USC 6201(a).

The SSN itself is used to "account for" the negotiation (ie: identify the recipient (ie: underwriter) of the "proceeds" from the negotiation, such as "acquittance and discharge from further obligation").

As for the SSN in green, I am not really sure why green, but that is what we do. Now, I'm sure there is some valid reason, but I forget and upon a light search, it appears to have Military Connotations associated with High Rank, therefore, since we are coming in as the "rightful civil authority" might just be the reason, but I'll keep my eye out for the specific answer.
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