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just on front and back side of back page ... that should do it

and maybe it would help if you think about it this way: "they" exercised the benefit of a contract and now owe the consideration of proof of claim along with all the supporting facts and law relied upon else "they" are now in default and must return principle and profit because that is the penalty for violating the usufruct for the profit use is NOT permanent, the profits also return once the usufruct has run its course; why do you think "they" keep the State of Emergency in operation?

It keeps all the "wartime debt" afloat to secure "their wealth" (ie: profit) using the usufruct of the people of the Republic as the surety; which also gives those same beneficiaries of the Republic subrogation rights over the US Inc of whom is usufructuary ... once peace is established, that debt is nullified because "interest returns to principle" and one's interest is peace; thus "their wealth" (ie: profit) is also nullified.

~ Boris

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