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— by 1970grave 1970grave
I believe DWM still uses copyrighted words of the crown used in the Oxford English Dictionary and a multitude of other diversionary derived from that book.
In fairness to DWM he has created his own version of 'Yoda talk'
There is currently a guy who has served over 150 days in prison using DWM method and to which DWM has sat in court and helped with the paperwork - so i am lead to believe from recent audios
If this man has written constitutions and has had judgement in his favour from the Hague together with claims that judges run out of the court room with even the mention of the Jedi Master DWM - why has a 'follower' been subjected to 150 days in prison
But lets not knock the man achievements - just to listen to one of his audios is staggering to know why Hollywood has not made a film about him - the only character who has come close to achieving what DWM has achieved is his fellow 'stonecutter' Homer J Simpson HJS - and they have hundreds of episodes of him over a 30 year period
but hey..... we must all walk our own paths - the world is but a stage
Life is for living and the art to being free