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— by Rschallmo Rschallmo

I sent off my CR(tm) to Wilmington savings and the attorney Friday. I dont know if it matters but I sent the originals to them because in order to have the stamps cancelled, I couldn't  take it to make copies somewhere else. They don't let you take it if they cancel it ?

When I printed it it came in 2 pages, now I thinking it should have been just 1 page, CR and certificate of mailing on same page with .03 stamps on front and back. I put the .03 stamps on certificate of mailing front and back and the CR(tm) only has the $1.00 international stamp , did I make a mistake ?

I'm going to put this into the case, is there any other way I can make corrections if needed ? Should I put the stamps on the the copies I put into the case or does it matter ? I'm thinking put .03 stamps on CR (TM) front and back.