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"... ("completed CR™ acceptance/contract/agrement: Annex A")"

Annex A is the original order/complaint/bill that is handled just as described in the Turnabout Docs (ie: Stamped up but no writing on it); Annex B is the CR(tm) "process" ... I apologize for the confusion. Just needed to clear that up.

When the Third CR(tm) letter is completed, you keep the original and send out just a copy. This way, you can take the original and deposit that with the Treasury via the Surety Release (27 CFR 19.170-19.172 Relief from Surety and 12 USC § 343 Bill of Exchange) and now the CR(tm) "package" is completed for Annex B:

This is how I am thinking the CR(tm) "package" should be constructed:

1st contact + AFV/RFV
(original to one making claim; keep copy for self)

2nd letter accepting dishonor / opportunity to cure
(I would keep original here and send copy to one making claim)

3rd letter finalization
(keep original; copy to one making claim)

27 CFR 19.170-19.172 Relief from Surety
(original to ATF (Treasury) along with CR(tm) "process"; copy for self)

12 USC § 343 Bill of Exchange
(original to ATF (Treasury) along with CR(tm) "process"; copy for self)

Now, on the reverse side of the Bill of Exchange, you write the Acceptance Language to which you refer. Also, you write the SAME on the reverse side of the two CR(tm) original letters (2nd and 3rd) and now the instrument is ready for negotiation with the ATF for deposit into the Treasury; just submit all the originals to the Treasury via the address provided on the Surety Letter.

Keep copies for yourself of everything and now Annex B for Verification of Complaint is completed and now the issue becomes "upon what proof of claim does anyone have that THIS tender was insufficient to invoke the "protections" (ie: Challenge God for the blessings: Malachi 3:10): 12 USC 95a (2) (which also indemnifies the Judge and all other parties of whom assist) and  46 USC 30908.
~ Boris

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