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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
While this prayer was derived the other day during some random conversation with a friend of ours, a buddy did a similar declaration into the public record wherein he accepted Jesus his Lord and savior and acknowledged the blood of Christ as his blood, or something like that.

The effect was that Public Declaration caused a sheriff sale to be vacated and removed from the record. The funniest part is the property had already been sold and renovations done and now appears the county is on the hook for the repayment to the one who bought the house and to buddy to fix some things he does not like and there is no way to shrug the liability. And it may even result is personal liabilities for the "Actors". We shall see.

You see, consciousness is just a "state of being" ... Christ is just "with love and peace in intent and action" (best for all), so when you state you are "accepting Christ" you are really stating "I adopt intent in action and being within a state of peace for all parties" and "the surrender" is just that: a cease of being in a state of war as the NAME is a contract offer to be considered an ENEMY BELLIGERENT (via WITHHOLDING DELIVERY) with an acknowledgment and acceptance of a state of peace, thus no longer a heathen and dead to the "eyes of the (Land) Lord", one is "born again" (reborn: phoenix, even eagle) righteous and live with the "spirit of the (Land) Lord" and the laws thereof (Golden rule: love thy neighbor, etc ...)
~ Boris

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