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listen to Dec 2 audio ... Lieber Code articles 38 and 43 along with FM 27-10 Paragraphs 93-94 are your friend ... article 37 and Hague Articles 45 and 46 are also helpful.

Man is being held as a POW and his PERSON a SLAVE, thus Article 43 of Lieber guarantees one will be seen as a FREE MAN under the protection of the LAW OF NATIONS once one comes into contact with anyone associated with United States (such as one with an oath to constitution) and under Article 92 of Book 1 of Law of Nations, anyone may engage in a simple treaty for protection for security of one's PERSON.

and the attorneys are correct, it (12 USC 95a (2)) will not fly in a court of equity ... but the FACT one's interests were taken and held in trust until such time as one reaches age of majority and now that one is coming to collect as actual heir vs some BS "qualified heir" who has yet to even put up bond as required WILL, for God makes the heir and not man and the "rules for heirship" are already defined in a manner that is already acknowledged and accepted (bible)
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