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Go for it ... do it and inform us of the outcome.

That is how we find out the "cause and effect"

But the RIGHT to transfer must first accrue to the transferor, of which is accomplished through the CR(tm).

The secondary novation is between one and the United States thru the NAME pursuant to 40 Stat 411 (12 USC 95a (2)) for restoration of the peace; open offer of contract to fulfill the BC NAME CONTACT (ie: play the role of enemy of the state so the attorneys can practice law and remind the people just how much they need this) and thus REPURPOSE the VESSEL for "service unto the LORD" under the MARITIME SECURITY ACT OF 1996 for this is what the surrender and assignment of the reversion is all about ... re-purposing the vessel to assist with securing the nation, and thus the inhabitant, while "maintaining a United States presence in international commercial shipping" and at the same time "shall be operated exclusively in the foreign trade or in mixed foreign and domestic trade allowed under a registry endorsement issued under section 12105 of title 46" ...

Thus "one comes in the NAME of the LORD" while at the same time ensuring that "From the beginning with God as my witness, and as One made in the true image of God, acknowledge blessings given by God, and do hereby repent all transgressions against God, waive all claims without God, and do hereby render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's in order Caesar be bound by covenant to render unto God's that which is God's"

so, it appears that while people THINK they have done a "surrender," what good does it do, if there is nothing to deliver to complete the surrender, thus showing RELIANCE upon the contract (ie: Faith)?

Just because you do not wage war one day, how does it show you won't the next (ie: War Rebel) because the corresponding DUTY of "the system" is to ensure as such, thus you will be persecuted: "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me."

And the more times you go thru the CR(tm) "process" (ie: as you "redeem" further accounts) the more comfortable you get with it and the easier it becomes to teach others the same and spread the word.

For further information, suggesting reading:

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