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What if we were to modify the PD Letter to read?

This is a notice to you, Judge_Name and any and all successors, of my surrender under International Law pursuant to the guidelines as subscribed by the United States within FM27-10, Lieber Code, Hague, Geneva and Vienna Conventions, and International Convention on Civil and Political Rights.

As you are aware, this matter is not a private bar matter and pursuant to these guidelines and as an appointed Adviser under the United Nations to ensure Public Order and Safety by ensuring these matters remain free from any and all human rights abuses and/or criminal activity, you are now required to deliver this surrender to the Plaintiff of whom is now compelled to answer and if you fail to understand or otherwise fail to deliver, you are advised to seek competent International legal counsel as to your liability under International Law as subscribed and set forth within the Nuremberg Principles.

and then used that as the cover letter for one's verification of Complaint of which is sealed in an envelope with

In Camera
in fictione juris semper subsistit aequitas

written on the front ... more effective?

~ Boris

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