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— by Monarch Monarch

This is beautiful and your timing could not be more perfect as I am going before a judge next week under the Treaty of Peace and Amity, ICCPR, 12 USC 95(a)2 and my Pledge to The Declaration of Independence.  I was struggling a bit about how to express my surrender of the usufruct and assignment of reversionary interest via my authenticated birth certificate.  You just answered that question!

I have mentioned 12 USC 95(a)2 to couple of attorneys and their first and only response is "this clearly states 'during a time of war' and won't fly in a court of equity".  What is the most effective way to address that response and share its present-day applicability?  

I know that the Lieber Code is the foundational document for the rules of war on land (as a Peace document) and has been incorporated under The Hague Articles and Internatinal Law.  I also understand the provisional government that is in place as a result of the Reconstruction Acts and that the Statutes at Large are used to govern the Administration of the Public Trust. But that always seems to be a long answer to a short question - especially at $275 an hour... : )

How would you succinctly respond to an attorney under such circumstances?