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— by Randy, Texas Randy, Texas
Thank You.
Just so you know, these are the exact same one's I sent on Tuesday and they received them on my last question is this...should they be hand written as well or can they be typed?

You have no idea how just talking with you last night gave me a sense of relief, knowing that I had other options, other than being rail-roaded through some beligerrent court process, then thrown in jail for 2-10 years for doing absolutely nothing wrong.  I believe God is in this and as always, He takes care of things, at the last minute to show us that He's still in charge.  I believe God is in the TRUTH coming out and I can't thank you enough and God for revealing this to me.  You are a God-Send and I truly believe that...
May God Bless you and Keep you, so once again...Thank You for helping all those who will listen.