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— by Randy, Texas Randy, Texas
  This is Randall from Texas, we talked this evening about the Judge and Lawyer not obeying the law and you told me to file a claim with the Texas Supreme Court and another claim at the District Court for Contempt...while we were talking you said you had a good file that I could use as an example to use when filing with the Supreme Court of Texas...I looked on the forum, but can't find anything posted.  Could you email me a link or show me where the file is?  If not too much to ask, could you email it to me at  I'd appreciate it a trial is set for December 11th, so I'd like to get it to the Supreme Court Monday morning and need to work on it this weekend...Thank You...I came away from the call with a renewed sense of joy, knowing that I've got a shot at not going to jail for 2-10 years with your help.  Thank you again for the advice that I'd yet thought of.