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Mr. Justice BLACK delivered the opinion of the Court: "... Under these powers, Congress was authorized-as it did in the Resolution-to establish, regulate and control the national currency and to make that currency legal tender money for all purposes, including payment of domestic dollar obligations with options for payment in foreign currencies. Whether it was 'wise and expedient' to do so was, under the Constitution, a determination to be made by the Congress."

Interesting Dissention in the Hayward case by Mr. Justice STONE: Thus, starting with a resolution avowedly directed at gold clauses, we are brought to the extraordinary conclusion that a promise to pay foreign currency is void if expressed in an instrument containing an alternative promise to pay in money of the United States whether of gold standard or not.

The argument is not persuasive, because it rests both upon a strained and unnatural construction of the resolution and upon an assumption that there was a Congressional policy to strike down provisions for the alternative discharge of dollar obligations by payment in foreign currency not tied to gold, which lends no support in the language of the Joint Resolution or its legislative history."

Therefore, "What Thing is being demanded for payment?" because this action of Congress left the United States with ONLY a foreign currency system and since that system operates on a mere promise to pay, the only thing you can do is accept and return for anything else, is not on-par.

The United States Government Printing Office Style Manual clearly defines the rules of grammar for recording of a proper noun in Chapter 3.3, Capitalization. “Proper nouns are capitalized [examples given] Rome, Brussels, John Macadam, Macadam family, Italy, and Anglo-Saxon.” It further defines, in Chapter 11.7, that “Names of vessels are quoted in matter printed in other than lower case roman…[examples given are] LUSITANIA [or] LUSITANIA.” (hmmm ... maybe start writing "ALL CAP NAME IN QUOTES")

Black's Law Dictionary "Fictitious Name": "A counterfeit, alias, feigned, or pretended name taken by a person, differing in some essential particular from his true name (consisting of Christian name and patronymic), with the implication that it is meant to deceive or mislead." And, of course, go back to the Turnabout is ALWAYS Fair Play document as revisit GLOSS, GLOSSA, and DOG-LATIN

Gregg's Manual of English: "A name spelled in all capital letters or a name initialed, is not a proper noun denoting a specific person, but is a fictitious name, or a name of a dead person, or a nom de guerre."

Oxford Dictionary:

• "nom": Used in expressions denoting a pseudonym, a false or assumed name.
• "Nom de guerre": War name. A name assumed by or assigned to a person engaged in some action or enterprise.
• "Guerre": War, and as a verb, to wage war.

Do we see what is occurring here?

Once you comprehend that war is declared when the someone initiates an action against that ALL CAP NAME (ie: debt collection), you can "secure the peace" and acheive Security of the Person if one begins operating AS IF that NAME is a vessel operating FOR the United States during this time of emergency (declaration of war: debt collection) to deliver the usufructuary and reversionary interests of all the WORKS done in the NAME under 12 USC 95a (2), because the NAME itself is what?

The indemnity receipt issued for an "Emergency foreign vessel acquisition; purchase or requisition of vessels lying idle in United States waters" under 50 U.S. Code § 196 (ie: Lieber Coder Article 38) ...

And then made that VESSEL an "enemy of the state" and a "decedent infant" (ie: presumption of death is a fiction of law) so the probate of the infant estate could occur and the Treasury could "experience the expectancy" to allow for payment of public debt, but since we did not know, our ignorance fueled the greed that resulted in the world we see today; our ignorance resulted in allowing "falsified bounty contracts" to pass thru the Treasury (ie: barratry), laundered thru the local prize courts.

And once you start operating under this "plea for peace" called 40 Stat 411 (12 USC 95a (2)), then anyone moving against that NAME without authority is now engaged in acts that both arrests a vessel while operating FOR the United States AND seizes the cargo destined for the same, thus STEALING from God, for all that was going to the Storehouse (Treasury) and 12 USC 95a (2) holds that NO person (VESSEL or otherwise) shall be held accountable in ANY court for anything done or omitted in good faith while relying on this statute and one will be known as a Son of God for one would then be a peacemaker.

From Bedazzled, 2000:

Devil (Elizabeth Hurely): Your last wish was a deal-breaker.
Elliot (Brendan Frasier): What?
Devil (Elizabeth Hurely): Nobody ever reads the contract. Article 147, paragraph 9, section 3: Selfless acts of redemption. It says, " If you commit one truly benevolent act, it voids the contract."
Elliot (Brendan Frasier): So I get to keep my soul?
Devil (Elizabeth Hurely): Yes, you get to keep your soul.
Elliot (Brendan Frasier): Yes! Yes! I get to keep my soul!
Devil (Elizabeth Hurely): On November 16th, I'll have done this for 6000 years. You're the first person to give away a wish. I hope it's not a trend. You won't tell anyone?
Elliot (Brendan Frasier): No, no, I promise. Nope. I don't get it, though. I mean, why are you being nice?
Devil (Elizabeth Hurely): Look, Elliot. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. The whole " good and evil" thing-- You know, Him and me.It really comes down to you. You don't have to look hard for Heaven and Hell. They're here on Earth. You make the choice. And I guess you just made yours.

~ Boris

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