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Thus, and if I understand correctly, the "flow chart" for "Turnabout Process" should go something like this: Local Court/Attorney entertains action to liquidate interest (local court = prize court (Lieber Code Article 45)) ---> One initiates and completes the CR™ process ---> Plaintiff/Attorney Receives ORDER from Prize Court ---> ORDER (As Annex A) and “CR™ PROCESS” (AFV/RFV and CR™ as Annex B) is then brought into State Supreme Court under the Verification of Complaint (rebuts presumptions);

Now, Supreme Court should have to act because the Supreme Court both Licenses and Punishes attorneys and if the attorney cannot show proof of claim along with all the supporting facts and law relied upon, then the attorney is bearing false witness to the court thus engaged in a breach of the peace in violation of his FIRST duty to the Court and the judgment MUST be voided because “one cannot profit off one’s own wrong” and “no claim” = “no right” and “no right” = “wrong,” thus the Plaintiff cannot profit because the attorney subrogates the Plaintiff’s rights and defenses for the Client of the Attorney is a Ward of the Court and to allow the Plaintiff to retain the profit despite the “bearing of false witness” is akin allowing a breach in the peace thus the Court would be in violation of its Chartered Duty to conserve the peace.

And in accordance with the Declaration of Surrender within the Verification of Complaint, the Treasury should receive the usufructuary interest and one should receive the naked ownership which now allows for subrogation rights with respect to the Treasury which means now, one should be able to force the parties to settle an obligation using the AFV/RFV (ie: canceled debt-obligation = "paying" with 0 in the debt based system = CREDIT INSTRUMENT) for one underwrites the Treasury via the surrender of usufructuary interest and assignment of the reversion on the back end and if the attorney cannot provide proof of claim, then he made a FALSE CLAIM, not against me, I am 100% irrelevant; but against the TREASURY and what is the penalty of making a false claim against the Treasury (Storehouse)? (surety NOT for strangers, but for the Expansion of His Kingdom ... keep that in mind)

Is this akin to “stealing from God?”

And since the matter occurred during “commercial intercourse,” and when one capitulates without authority (cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand); allowing that NAME to be used to launder securities, is called “barratry” or “trade in the sale of church or state appointments.”

Thus, without the Proof of Claim, the ORDER received from the court is an "exercise to profit from property not belonging to one" or USUFRUCT and under International Law, that interest is created upon the taking and the DUTY of the usufructuary is:

1. To make an inventory of the things subject to the usufruct, in the presence of those having an interest in them. 2. To give security for their restitution; when the usufruct shall be at an end. 3. To take good care of the things subject to the usufruct. 4. To pay all taxes, and claims which arise while the thing is in his possession, as a ground-rent. 5. To keep the thing in repair at his own expense.

And now, the Attorney has a DUTY to the United States as usufruct of ITS property (ie: Treasury); "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" is now turned around onto the Attorney for bearing the false witness as the result is just an exercise of the RIGHT to profit off the property (ie: time and energy) of another. (BUGS BUNNY now bound to Elmer J Fudd / ELMER J FUDD now bound to Bugs Bunny)

Which now means, the failure to provide the proof of claim is now “solicitation for prostitution” (ie: enticement to fornicate with the whore of Babylon) and under 27 USC 19.170-172, we find that we can release the “De-facto Surety” acquired by the CR™ and AFV/RFV “process” into the Treasury THRU the ATF as a “commercial crime” thus complete delivery to the Treasury of the sin for liquidation and since one has subrogation rights, one should be able to “compel action” by the Director of Such thru 28 USC 1631 (BTW: 28 USC 1631 is EXACTLY how the IRS “compels” people to produce books and records)

Now, one has accomplished one’s duty to protect (ie: serve) the host nation in a time of emergency; there is nothing to hinder him from defending it against pirates or robbers, against the ravages of an inundation, or the devastations of fire (Law of Nations, Book 2, Article 105), while at the same time observing one’s duties to one’s original nation by establishing one’s mission thru subduing the host nation by underwriting the same, thus effectively taking CONTROL of the Host Nation for "no legal State governments or adequate protection for life or property exist ...  and that 'it is necessary that peace and good order should be enforced' in those States 'until loyal and republican State governments can be legally established'" FOR "all interference, under color of State authority, with the exercise of military authority under this act (Reconstruction Acts), shall be null and void" FOR "any civil governments which may exist therein shall be deemed provisional only, and in all respects subject to the paramount authority of the United States at any time to abolish, modify, control, or supersede the same" AND "this act contemplates two distinct governments in each of these ten States: the one military, the other civil. The civil government is recognized as existing at the date of the act (ie: State Representatives WALKED out of Congress: ABANDONED the Republic)

(NOTE: The "civil government is recognized as existing at the date of the act" is the Corporate United States: which is WHY the United States can "abolish, modify, control, or supersede the same" because those are the RIGHTS retained by the people within the Declaration of which are held in Trust under Article IV Section III Clause 2 of the US Constitution in order that a "nation of the people by the people and for the people does not perish from this Earth": It has all the characteristics and powers of a State government--legislative, judicial, and executive--and was in the full and lawful exercise of all these powers, except only that it was not entitled to representation as a State of the Union)

The military government (ie: Military United States) is created by the act" AND "both are to continue until the new State constitution is framed and the State is admitted to representation in Congress (ie: Republican form of Government). When that event takes place, both these provisional governments are to cease" (ref: Attorney General Opinion regarding the Reconstruction Acts of 1867)

Therefore, the Corporate United States and the Military (Army) United States form the Democracy; the People within the states of the union: the Body of the "Church" and the Military (Navy) United States form the Republic. Right now, what "Church" do you think the people place their faith?

Thus, it is up to the people to re-establish the Civil Authority and Christ is the ONLY authority: the foundation of all else; Done in His NAME for His Glory and isn’t THAT our real purpose: to subdue the Earth in His Name for His Glory and there is no government EXCEPT his ordained government and the United States Treasury will be the Storehouse for that Government as Church and State consolidate (ie: Civil Authority will be His Church: Church of Philadelphia and the Military (United States) shall be subservient unto THAT Civil Authority as the LORD of Hosts and the "two distinct governments created by this act will cease to exist") and our Surrender then FILLS the “Storehouse with meat” (assets into the Treasury: The WORKS go into the Treasury) for you were commanded that to be perfect with Christ to “sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me (Luke 18:22)” and the Storehouse is used to care for the poor and widows (ie: Bankrupt host nation (Law of Nations, Book 2 articles 104-105): “He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked (1 John 2:6)”.

The Surrender makes the ALL CAP NAME = NAME of the LORD and “One comes in the NAME of the LORD” while at the same time ensuring that “From the beginning with God as my witness, and as One made in the true image of God, acknowledge blessings given by God, and do hereby repent all transgressions against God, waive all claims without God, and do hereby render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's in order Caesar be bound by covenant to render unto God's that which is God's" for one not surety for a Stranger, one is Surety for the Expansion of the Kingdom because that is one’s DUTY, thus one subrogates ALL claims for the Kingdom thru the ALL CAP NAME for now that NAME acts AS IF it were Christ (His NAME) because of the surrender which will now allow one to go forth and subdue the Earth in His NAME for His Glory and filling His Storehouse with WORKS.

~ Boris

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