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— by Jo King Jo King
Let me rephrase that, please. the statement was in your (Boris) favor.

I nominate this lost soul (Spiritual Retreat) for the  Neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie award.  Some have earned it for a lot less than this cat spews (Spiritual Retreat)  out.

and this mistake OF MINE is exactly why email is such a poor way of communicating FEELINGS. Will you ever forgive me (Jo King)?

On a better subject that you bring forward....I believe that in the history of this forum that I (Jo King) am the only one that ever posted a LIVE, ACTUAL court document for all to see and comment on.  and You are right. NO ONE had the balls to even comment on it or tell me how wrong I was.  It was actually a test to see the responses but there were none.   and so I (Jo King) will refrain from that style of posting since no one was the least bit interested in the results of the verification of complaint in progress at the time.  Not even you (Boris) had any thing to post. I just figured you (Boris) didn't approve.

 However , in the interest of learning together, I (Jo King)  will be happy, with your (Boris) permission to email you directly with the experiments from my laboratory on the condition that I ( Jo King) am not blasted out of the water cause I didn't do it YOUR way.  agreed ?  I learned long ago, never try to teach the teacher.

and no,  I (Jo King) don't do name calling.  I'm a little more mature than that. Luv you Bro and thanks for all you've helped me with and don't even know.
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