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This has all been discussed on these forums before, just that no one ever expands on the discussions and from time to time I need to be reminded of the information within the website, but it appears I may have been a little mistaken regarding the use of the "appeals courts" ... so, to any of those that are offended by my stances earlier, now get to post and have me eat a little crow.

The CR(tm) process is used to show that there is no claim and the attorney has been "bearing false witness" to the Court in violation of his duties to the Court.

So, do not worry about the outcome, just concentrate on walking the path; the outcome will take care of itself.

Once you are done, it appears that one can take whatever order was issued and challenge it with the Supreme Court of the State and as such, would be where the Malachi 3:10 challenge comes into manifestation and where one can use the Verification of Complaint because it rebuts ALL the presumptions.

You can also dump a mandamus into the Federal Court to compel performance under 28 USC 1631, this is particularity effective when you KNOW the duties of the attorneys is to conserve the peace as their duty to the court outweighs the duty to their client.

The point of all of this is that once the CR(tm) "process" is complete, there are many ways to enforce the instrument (negotiate for settlement within the PROPER jurisdiction), not just one, just gotta use your god given imagination.

~ Boris

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