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Notary is not required.

I offed an example of an updated version of what we use, but you can use whatever acceptance language you wish.

Just take the original notice and write the acceptance upon it. This is the living man coming to by way of accommodation to subrogate the rights and defenses on behalf of the United States as the foreign beneficiary (with respect to the United States) of the Republican form of government to PROTECT the trust and ensure that either the "the agencies thereof" or the "employees of those agencies" fulfill their duties on behalf of the INTENDED beneficiary of the usufructuary interest: the United States, for all of these guys are usufruct of the people; they are BANKRUPT and to bring claim while in bankruptcy is a crime against humanity (listen the Conversation audios regarding the DC Lawyer)

This is about operating the usufruct and that operation creates a NATURAL split equity trust where in one side (Naked Owner: the living soul) is the Trustee with respect to ensuring the duties of the usufructuary are fulfilled, thus insuring the PROFITS of the usufruct and at the same time, subrogating ALL rights and defenses of the usufructuary and the occupying army is BOTH administrator and usufructuary over the PUBLIC estates (ie: NAME), thus has a DUTY to conserve the peace because the "substance of the object of the usufruct can not be diminished" and if one had dominion over the Earth BEFORE this "inferior usufruct" was established, then one RETAINS that dominion while subjected unto this "inferior usufruct".

~ Boris

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