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Why would you (Spiritual Retreat) come on somebody's forum and tell its subscribers/members to not listen or basically utilize the information? You consider that equity? Why not take your beef with Boris directly instead of the way you did it? Sure not Christ like, ya think?
I don't think Boris has ever called himself a guru and has admittedly learned as he went and has tested sometimes good sometimes not so good.
As for the equity, kingdom of God in eyes of equity etal they NEVER offer a solution. Ask a question and get blasted or some esoteric bullshit, maxim of laws and do equity. They don't answer the question either, How does one do equity? Which they preach (Guru) but only chastise anyone with less intelligence then them apparently. I must be insane as I continue to read post and commentary from some groups and NEVER see a solution. Oh, the solution must be the new covenant or equity with some version of a trust which again they NEVER provide or answer the how to. Suspect they're the type that talks a good game but don't provide how to so they don't look bad or wrong. How can they be Christ like if one asks a question or a how to and gets squat. Isn't asking a question, insight or help akin to asking one for their coat and your suppose to give it? Sure they understand equity.

Whether one reads or doesn't read, smoke pots, drinks beer, goes to church on Sunday, has sex everyday with a different woman who cares? Isn't the judging up to God and not you EVER.

It would be GREAT to have your Guru's and Boris do a talkshoe together and discuss their talking points and IF your gurus think him wrong, provide evidence. Provide the keys to Eden. Now wouldn't that be special?

I suspect your gurus either live in a cave without electric, water or phone/internet or they are involved in commerce "paying" for those things which they self admittedly refer to commerce as sin. On the other hand they might dwell with somebody that pays instead so they can not be accused of doing commerce as they do equity. Whatever the hell that is.

That all said since you pointed out not to listen to Boris except to get out of something why not share the solutions of how to leave babylon while still functioning in the world without esoteric, parrotted maxim bullshit or that the New Covenant is the solution to Commerce unless of course you know specifically how the New Covenant IS the solution and how.

I am not seeing though how what has been shared on this forum does not follow the maxims of law that you spewed. Clearly we have made mistakes and have volunteered and accordingly many have taken action to correct (acknowledge/repent) so as to let "equity" do its thing. What is wrong with "getting out of something" when one realizes the transgressions made against God's Law and chooses to do the will of God? Give it all back, Give it all away. Would not an heir of God be allowed to enjoy all of what is without cost? How then is getting out of something, that one should not be obligated to anyway when all is theirs as an heir?  Yea Peter fucked up and had to go to a fish to get some money. Suspect we can go to a fish too, don't you think?