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I comprehend this, however, first ask for the attorney to prove up the claim the Attorney has authority and jurisdiction, when there is no answer, we then move it into Fed District Court to compel the employee to answer because to conserve the peace is a duty he owes to both the court and the plaintiff; of which also fulfills the duty to our original jurisdiction (God's Law) to "go to thine brother first"

And the Attorney also has the duty to both the court and the plaintiff to prove up all claims; for the burden of proof rests upon he who affirms, and the initiation of the court case is an affirmation of a debt/duty owed, thus now the burden of proof of ALL associated claims rests squarely upon the shoulders of the one of whom brought claim.

But here is what is really juicy, when there is a failure to answer the CR(tm) "process," then ANY court constituted is merely administrative; a Court Martial to liquidate the prize (booty)

Lieber Code Article 45. All captures and booty belong, according to the modern law of war, primarily to the government of the captor.  Prize money, whether on sea or land, can now only be claimed under local law.

The local courts is where these guys bring claim because they are just "claiming prize money" (bounty contracts) and the local laws are for "liquidation of captures and booty" ... thus when one is arrested, one is a capture; one's effects, booty.

With the deployment of the CR(tm) "process", when they operate without the Claim from Original Jurisdiction, they are waging war against their own government for all booty belongs to the government of the captor and since there is a surrender (via the Verification of Complaint); to complete de-livery (ie: finish the suit against one's livery), any further action is akin to attacking one under a white flag ...

... and the Sovereign Citizen has thus been identified as the Attorney for waging war against his government.

~ Boris

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