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Why do you not have time to do the CR(tm) process? Once the money order is sent you have evidence of a tender, eliminating controversy thus no reason for a court. Of course the minions etal will probably say the amount is insufficient so you best have a reply. Or they will say their proof of claim is the mortgage/note you signed so you best have a response.

as for any challenge to TJ you MUST challenge the original plaintiff as well as any current. Challenge is sent directly to plaintiff not attorney although you can provide the court a copy for notice. If you have the definition of State or this state or in this state from the Massachusetts statute which means District of Columbia that will strengthen your position. There is a group that their only focus is tj so if you go that route instead of what is discussed on this forum you best check it out as your challenge requires a memorandum. The memorandum puts it all together and clearly demonstrates to anyone reading it they're toast.  Whatever you decide, choose the process, own it and stay on point.