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Thanks for the information to get started. I have some questions that I'm a little fuzzy on.

1. What did you do to surrender your BC?  I have mine authenticate it but I haven't done nothing with it yet .

2. Since I don't have enough time to do the CR TM process I will challenge jurisdiction. How should I word it?  Plaintiff does not have TJ since my land is not located in  District of Columbia ( State of Massachusetts ).... or " One has read the complaint but does not understand this babble.?
Objection in point of law; A defensive pleading  by which the defendant admits the facts alleged by the plaintiff but objects that they do not make out a legal claim. Subrogation

I will send this back to the  Commonwealth of Massachusetts land court department of the trial court in response to their " ORDER OF NOTICE " which they are claiming to have an interest in a mortgage and now held by plaintiff by assignment.

The plaintiff is " Wilmington savings fund society, FSB,d/b/a Christiana trust, not individually but as trustee for Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust".