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On the subject of jurisdiciton
— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
Recommended reading: the 3-feasences

Was talking with someone recently and we both came the conclusion that all one need do to kill just about any case should be to remove it to the Probate Court with the Verification of Complaint (rebuts the presumptions) and ask for the proof of claim as to the jurisdiction and authority the Attorney and/or Agency bringing claim has to administrate a Decedent Federal Reserve Bank (SSN = Federal Reserve Bond) and now, you can use the oath of office and the actions of the attorney as a Breach of Trust if no proof of claim can be forthcoming and the attorney refuses to back-off.

The CR(tm) has many uses and remember, each "non-answer" means no proof of claim to administrate the estate and each "crime" is just one of the 3-feasences:

non-feasence = civil
misfeasance = misdemeanor
malfeasance = felony

And District Court is where one goes to "compel performance" by an "employee of the United States" of whom is "anyone with oath of office" under 28 USC 1361 for that "employee of the United States" has a duty to BOTH the court and the plaintiff as conservators of the peace (as UN Peacekeepers) to take the "peace offering" (AFV/RFV, CR(tm), and Verification of Complaint) to the plaintiff of whom now is compelled to answer with proof of claim regarding inadequacies, jurisdiction, and Things demanded for payment; ELSE  no further action is to be taken other than restoration of the Defendant Postliminy for any other action would be tantamount to an act against peace.
~ Boris

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