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The more I read that article you posted, the more I am amazed to see how people of whom profess to walk in the path of Christ fail to see the irony in their rejections.

If Christ did not offer himself as surety for a bunch of strangers for knew God did they not; then one could never be a co-heir with Christ. A stranger is just one who has not been introduced to Christ and I thought it YOUR job to spread the word and share the love; as Christ did, so shall you, only better, and in the end, the world shall be subdued as ORIGINALLY commanded under Adam.

From that article:

"Could it be that only the one who acts in the capacity of Co-Heir WITH the APPOINTED Heir of ALL “Things,” is with all of the Rights of “thee” Surety, especially the Right of redeeming PROPERTY back into “Things.” Indeed, if one does do this properly and correctly according to the Will and Way, which is according to the Maxim of Law, “God, not man, makes the Heir,” one’s claims to be recognized, honored and not trespassed against by any of the administrators of all things PUBLIC administrating the very PUBLIC game of MONOPOLY®?"

I wonder, if only there was a simple, yet effective way to "come in the name of the Lord" while at the same time ensuring that "From the beginning with God as my witness, and as One made in the true image of God, acknowledge blessings given by God, and do hereby repent all transgressions against God, waive all claims without God, and do hereby render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's in order Caesar be bound by covenant to render unto God's that which is God's" ... if only there were are simple yet effective means at one's disposal.

Now, that would be awesome.

~ Boris

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