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which also should mean that any attempt to enforce a statute or even a mortgage had better have a District Court ruling or supreme court ruling associated with it that concerns the one enforced against, else the matter is 100% administrative and in accordance, at least in Florida under ITS Constitution @ Article 1 Section 18:

Administrative penalties.—No administrative agency, except the Department of Military Affairs in an appropriately convened court-martial action as provided by law, shall impose a sentence of imprisonment, nor shall it impose any other penalty except as provided by law.


SECTION 17. Excessive punishments.—Excessive fines, cruel and unusual punishment, attainder, forfeiture of estate, indefinite imprisonment, and unreasonable detention of witnesses are forbidden. 

Therefore, 99.9% of these cases are matters of "voluntary servitude" resulting from one's own ignorance for one is enslaved by one's own ignorance: Remove the ignorance, remove the cause.

~ Boris

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