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Subrogation by way of Accommodation and the CR(tm)
(hand write if possible)





Time is of the Essence and I am prepared to enter a plea, however before we continue; will the Prosecutor (and/or Plaintiff) certify my Right of Subrogation and do so in writing please?

Otherwise, I do not consent to these proceedings nor consent to being surety for this case for I believe I do have a right to subrogation being denied and demand the bond be immediately brought forward, so I can see who will indemnify me if I am damaged, unless of course, this court can provide proof of claim to the contrary along with all the facts and law relied upon along with the proof of claim as to the nature and cause of the charges AND define the Thing sought for payment AND proof of claim this court constitutes one of competent jurisdiction AND proof of claim the Attorney(s) who brought claim have both authority and jurisdiction to bring claim along with all the facts and law relied upon;

ELSE it appears there is universal agreement that there fails to be any claim stated upon which the relief sought by the Plaintiff should be granted and NAME AS CHARGED stands in full acquittance and discharge for all purposes of this obligation for any further collection attempt would amount to Breach of Peace and Contract.

All rights retained without recourse

_____________________________, L.S.
(for accommodation purposes only)

and before you ask: L.S. = living soul = one who is providing the accommodation = holder-in-due-course of the Right of Subrogation = Entitlement Holder = Yahtzee!!!
~ Boris

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