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It should, because the lack of proof of a claim means there was ZERO jurisdiction in the first place, thus the matter and its effects should NEVER have been felt.

I would do the CR(tm) "process" on the one who issued orders or judgements and then take that to the Appeals Court or District court of the State (depending on where you are) and submit the verification of complaint up there and demand proof of claim regarding jurisdiction and see what happens.

For IRS, you can submit a 3-page petition (IRS Petition Kit) but do not submit the $60 filing fee. In a few weeks, you should get a call from the Clerk asking permission to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction; That's what you want. A few weeks later, you should receive an order from the court stating the IRS has no jurisdiction. Afterwards, you should get letters from the IRS stating that liens and levies have been removed, etc ...

Now, can you think about how to use that order? Think you would have LEVERAGE at that point?
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