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With respect to court cases:

In Florida, the supreme court both admits and disciplines attorneys and has EXCLUSIVE jurisdiction over such. Therefore, I am beginning to ponder submitting the Verification of Complaint and such to the supreme court under CR(tm) and ask where the attorney has authority and legislative jurisdiction and/or if the court is one of competent jurisdiction to even entertain the matter else issue an order to the attorney to cease and desist or something like that.

The jurisdictional issue is in regards to PEACE: How does anyone have jurisdiction to administrate peace?

And since all juridical officers are conservators of the peace: would allowing this attorney to continue without authority and/or legislative jurisdiction constitute a breach of peace?

The attorney is collecting on a "debt obligation," so if the court claims jurisdiction, then exactly what THING is being demanded for payment for "dollar" is just "gallon"; a unit of measurement? Part of the problem people are having is the courts really have no jurisdiction over the attorneys. The other part is that the courts and even the "policy enforcers" may not even have jurisdiction to bring or even hear matters.

This is where one's imagination takes over for the CR(tm) can be used against any Court order and judgement because everything is just an offer and once challenged jurisdiction must be proven and if it not be proven then there is none; it can't be granted nor taken. It must be as such.

And exactly which court has jurisdiction to impair obligations of a contract without due process in a competent jurisdiction? Who is the attorney to enter a claim using FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES to pay "fees" to challenge a contract underwritten with substance? And who exactly has jurisdiction to limit access to the court by attempting to sell justice?

This the natural path the CR(tm) takes when you start comprehending the nature of the failure to answer for without proof of claim, where is the breach of peace warranting the actions of this court and is the judge prepared to accept full personal liability in the event he act outside the scope and authority of his jurisdiction?
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