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does proof of claim then mean when there is no controversy it is impossible to have a claim, or is proof of claim mean where is the peace been disrupted? I ask as proof of claim has been defined in a couple of different ways so I'm trying to get clear. When requesting or demanding proof of claim the respondent can or may produce..."here's the judgment we have in hand issued by the federal judge, so that's our proof".

According to the AG Opinion the military never has authority over a federal or United States Court so a violation of the peace issue would probably not rise so the only issue would be pay with what?

I'm getting ready to do the CRâ„¢ process with DOJ once I get the court order in hand and just getting clear in the event they come back with something, ie some proof of a claim although I get a novation suppose to supercede other agreements. Raises another question, doesn't the claimant/respondent have the right to reject a new/novation without being in dishonor or be accused of refusing a tender? Especially if a previous agreement specified a certain amount on installments? Like in mortgages, car loans etc. In my particular issue there was just a total amount created (600K+), no set installment. Merely left to collect by whatever means possible I suspect.