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... you can always put into the CR(tm) proof of claim the Meter actually prevent waste and theft and that the Meter causes ZERO harm to any living being and/or property while active and upon proof of claim that Whatever-Utility shall take full liability in the event harm is done to any living being and/or Property while Meter is active and upon proof of claim any and all information collected as a result of Meter being active shall be protected AT ALL COSTS and NOT Sold to third parties etc ...

But in the end, all of this will boil down to the one Proof of Claim:

"Proof of Claim along with all Facts and Law relied upon that the AFV/RFV tender was insufficient consideration to close out the original agreement."

The "original agreement" being: "Customer agrees to have Smart Meter installed; else agrees to pay and opt-out fee of XX dollars per month extra on their power bill"

the "opt-out fee" becomes "solicitation for prostitution" minus the Proof of Claim. 

~ Boris

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