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— by 1970grave 1970grave
as for Local Government act 1888 section 79 (2) duties and liabilities etc

but in section (3) Where any enactment (whether relating to . . . F2 bridges, or other county purposes, or to quarter sessions) requires or authorises land to be conveyed or granted to, or any contract or agreement to be made in the name of, the clerk of the peace, or any justice or justices or other person, on behalf of the county or quarter sessions, or justices of the county, such land shall be conveyed or granted to, and such contract and agreement shall be made with, the council of the . . . F3 county concerned.

Am i correct that the process of passing in quarter sessions [Crown Court] the land in the 'name of' [eg. JOHN DOE] shall be transferred to [eg John] in agreement with the Local Authority so that the House [Doe] can be on the land [John] creating the heir to the estate.

which is similar to liberated's recent post where he described livery as:
A writ which may be sued out by a ward in chivalry, on reaching his majority, to obtain delivery of the possession of his lands out of the hands of the guardian. 2 Bl. Comm. OS.
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