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I think the prize in the cracker jack box is awakening, rebirth after being brought out of ego/sin/transgression, in other words the prize that God has promised as pointed out in another post wherein it is the only time in the bible that God allows to be challenged.

I don't think I am owed anything other then, as you pointed out, forgiveness for partaking in the proverbial apple. On the other hand if government/powers to be are/were operating the bible to utilize our creation for usufruct and were good guys setting up treasures as "compensation" for our energy and creation waiting to see if one would ever wake up and claim such to handle their stuff and co-create rather then be slave I see nothing wrong with this. Whether it be in the form of whatever treasures were set aside or through set offs to get things accomplished for the good of all is the same. Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. I suspect there is a hierarchy in heaven as there is on earth and all the inhabitants thereof serve each other the same as it is the will of God on earth.

It's a function of using all that is available, whatever that may be since it is all of God anyway, for the benefit of serving mankind. There is nothing wrong with "things" or enjoying "things" provided we get that it's not because of us unless of course one thinks or believes that God wants all of his creation to live in poverty or any lesser of a life then Solomon.

It is comprehended that whatever events occur(ed) in ones life is a function of themselves for making it about them and resisting (warlike) or both. Doesn't negate when repentance occurs and forgiveness is given that God forgets it and moves on. Doesn't deny or hold any consequences any further.

When one does on earth as in heaven one has usufruct of it all. It is a promise. Perhaps a promise is something that one can view also as being owed something. Kinda like a promissory note. The recipient of the promissory note does expect the promise or "ones word" to be fulfilled thus owed.