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Re: more information on the "civilian due process"
— by liberated liberated
anybody see and read the following from Field Manual 27-10 (1956)

46. Such Buildings to Display Sign Specified inNaval Treaty
a. Treaty Provision.
It is the duty of the inhabitants to indicate such monuments,
edifices, or places by visible signs, which shall consist of large
stiff rectangular panels divided diagonally into two coloured triangular
portions, the upper portion black, the lower portion
white. (a.ZX, art 5,Zd par.)
6. Application of Rule. The foregoing rule adopted in this convention
for naval warfare may be adopted for protecting buildings
under bombardment in land warfare.
c. Use of Foregoing for MiZitary Purposes. The besieging forces
are not required to observe the signs indicating inviolability of
buildings that are known to be used for military purposes, such as
quarters, aareliouses, observation posts, or signal installations.

Certainly would be a good thing to post the sign if one considers themselves ot claims to be a civilian