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This may help:

British and a Commonwealth Citizen for the English (citizen and Subject [dual citizenship]).

British Nationalitiy acts (1981 and 1949), the 1981, section 1 and 3  'born in the UK'...acquired by minor (NAME). section 32 if application made for registration as a British Subject (Name) and section 35 loosing that staus by acquiring any other nationality...end game protected person.

Protected person - train of thought: say...india for example...a protectorate (self govening) so section 38 - Protected persons is the end game remedy parts (1) (b) 'a United Kingdom Trust territory'.

British subject is now: section 37 Commonwealth citizenship. example for Scotland, scotish born, (1) (a) or a British subject English, born England etc.

Interesting i cant find any name change applications on the London Gazzette for protected persons, and little for commonwealth subjects. Most most people beleive they pursuant to section 1...lost souls.

A nice remedy, in leu of the passport or not, non-confrontational approach: produce your own for clarity  pursuant to Identity Document Act 2010, section 9 (4) (a), to prevent  inaccuracy or omission that result in a tendency to mislead. So in relation to a passport for NAME with "your" photo, this has a tendency to mislead. I am drafting a document to use here, and there, so i will need a translation for the notary. I think i may be useful.