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Military IS subordinate to the Civil Authority, once that Authority shows up.

Now the question remains: WHO, or more precisely WHAT, constitutes the Civil Authority since all are PRESUMED belligerent or "lost at sea" or at war?

Until then, the Reconstruction Acts are till in full force and effect; the current voting system is the evidence, for that voting system came into being as a DIRECT result of those Acts.

From 12 U.S. Op Atty. Gen. 182:  We see clearly enough that this act contemplates two distinct governments in each of these ten States: the one military, the other civil. The civil government is recognized as existing at the date of the act. The military government is created by the act.

Both are provisional, and both are to continue until the new State constitution is framed and the State is admitted to representation in Congress. When that event takes place, both these provisional governments are to cease.

The "civil authority" that existed at the date of the act is the Commercial Government (United States Inc.) and this "civil authority" was subservient to the military authority BEFORE the reconstruction acts for that "civil authority" existed to service the "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" (the Republic) ... thus there is a Democracy within a Republic and right now, the Democracy STANDS-IN-PLACE of the Civil Authority for the Beneficiaries of the Republic have yet to STAND (ie: the second coming of Christ) and the Military stands as TRUSTEE over the Republic while Congress stands as the Trustee over the Democracy and governs their "property interests" under Article IV Section 3 Clause 2 of the US Constitution; asking for Civilian Due Process brings one back under the protections of the Military: civilians are PROTECTED-PERSONS, for one is ENTITLED to such for one is a Beneficiary of the Republican Forms of Government held in TRUST by the Military. (BC = Article 38 receipt for indemnity)

AND to protect the Trust (To save the country is paramount to all other considerations. - Article 5, Lieber Code), Martial Law SUPPLEMENTS Common Law AND Though active hostilities cease, state of war exists until peace is fully established; Furthermore, The rule that certain of the enemy's subjects are to be treated as non-combatants gives rise to the correlative duty on their part to refrain from acts of hostility. This obligation is enforced with great rigor by the dominant power.

Inhabitants of the country militarily occupied are not permitted to make war as they please, being soldiers one day and engaged in peaceful pursuits the next. In the instructions for United States enemies such persons are called war rebels.
(read: Military Government and Martial Law)

The entire world has been SUBDUED pursuant to Genesis Dominion and this is what the Military protects; it is the PEOPLE of whom are STILL in rebellion for until one shows one walks with spirit of Christ (ie: love, hope, faith and forgiveness) in their Heart, one is just another heathen.

OBSERVE the Divine Laws through knowledge of our Father resulting from following the Teachings of Jesus Christ and receive "the Lot of His Inheritance"

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

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