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— by Orionstar Orionstar
Many a people since the time of creation, whether of the race of mankind, or not have always taken upon themselves the self- litigated repurposing of what Faith is, without realizing the utter judgement they've fallen into.

The creature only possesses the ability, to define the lesser that he molds/frame from the greater...obviously identifying and providing facts of who alone possesses the far greater, factually true ability as Thee definer/settler.

The point I humbly present, is that in our human fallen-ness we've grown far to comfortable exercising a doubt (dark arrogance) that is rewarded only by the further death/loss within us, not aware of the abandonment the/alienation that has made our dead spirits a home, far away from the/Thee Life that is All/everything.

Ever learning, yet never quite able to come to the/Thee knowledge of Truth, the door/portal/port...ever endeavouring to fight for the grasp of becoming the/Thee Definer. A quest that is not given to any creature.

FAITH defines the creature/us. Not vice versa. This is biblical sanctioned Faith.
Trust defines the creature/us. Not vice versa. This is biblical sanctioned Trust.

Faith/Trust IS the Way to acknowledge/Honor that which IS, that which IS, Defines all else.

Ones Faith or private Faith(personal Ecclesiastics is only as good/certain as who/what one honors with it, through it, by it), is always seen publicly, eventually.

Biblical Faith, is Trust in the highest, greatest Veritable as Certainty, that as both the root(Faith) and offspring(Hope) in/as Trust of His(God/Creator) Existence.

He gives this Faith as a gift of awareness(sight, vision) into and upon The Veritable Certainty of who and what He IS, this is the biblical Hope that He gives as a power to Trust in Him to do according to what He promised to do...

Since He could sware by none greater, He swore by Himself(by His own existence/to His own hurt) that by two immutable things a Oath and by a Nature that could not lie...that these things are certain irrefutable facts, upon which He required all to trust as the settlement of redemption brought to life throughout the pages of holy writ...

For if Christ be not risen...then our faith is vain...along with every public Ecclesiastical present made due to it's factual existence...including the American Creed.

To doubt this, is to forsake sacred knowledge that He Himself died to give us...

There are many things that I never tried to address hope that each of us can rejoice through knowledge that we do have (Matthew  13, Mark 4).

The good news which must be remembered is that darkness and evil aren't the only players perseverating on stage!

I encourage you all to never cease belief in the Certainty of Him who Promised sacredly, secularly and civicly...all things were made by Him, for Him and to His glory.

My desire is for this to aid...

Thanks Boris, for sharing the knowledge given to you...and I thank all others for their participation...these past four years have been wonderful!