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I was of the comprehension that the registration registered an event. Subsequently, it is presumed to be of the dead. Doesn't the affidavit or other notice of age of majority represent that the living heir is not dead, of the living and can claim the estate of that trust, ceste que? Or is the age of majority a function of the fictional world/bc/dead entity merely going from child/minor to "age of majority" to operate without the status of a ward?

That all asked regardless of whether one presumes the bc registration registers a dead entity or a living being if the registration occurred because of our existence by changing the record to indicate the father being "God" is the State really going to say the registration is not of the living and is in fact a dead entity? Probably not. Would not the change provide one just a little more standing as being an ambassador of Christ thus eliminating any obstruction of the estate? Is that not an operation of law?

I'm not asking to challenge anyone's position, belief or teaching, rather because I thought the purpose of being the age of majority or coming forward to show that we have not abandoned or lost at sea and that the "prodigal son' has reappeared. Perhaps I missed something along the way in writings, conversation etc regarding presumed to be lost at sea, presumed abandoned estate.