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Hello everyOne, thank you all for this formun and site.

This act of 1888 (its in the code 888 but thats going off topic slightly).

A friend of mine sent me the following link to rebut the 1888 act section 79 (2)...but, he just doesnt get the principle to give is to get... everyone not one:

You see here how the self "individuals' " flips the response so it does not apply...from the collective inhabitants to individual...clever use of plain english against self motivated questions.

For those upon England, Wales... or related, one was enlightned by reading:

contracts (rights of third parties) act 1999 (enforce your birth contract rights), CONTRACT
local govenment (contract) act 1997 with the 1888 Act for liabilities of the collective, TRUST
marine insurance act 1907 ( offered for the individuals' to enforce), INSURANCE
the chain of authority and split titles from council to govenment following:
birth, deaths and marriages act 19??,
govenment resources and accounts act 2000,
population (statitics) act 1960
and the relationship with the public trust and public trustee act 1917,
Govenment annulaties act 1929.

Also, ALL treaties to include the act 1 will. and mar. of it not tell anyone to do sh£t.

Theres more...I have read much more... and still have questions...thats life.

Special thanks to Boris...Jim and other PEACE-MAJORS

I am based between portugal and england (remain 'non') but wish to share exeperiences and deritives thereof, this side of the pond.