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I know it sucks, but I have to inform everyone of another update to the CR(tm) EXAMPLE provided from above. Really, there are only TWO small changes (in bold):

1: in the initial and second CR(tm) letters, I am of the thought that it would be wise to add the word "outstanding" in the language of the acceptance of the debt by the "Settlor, Grantee, Grantor" to wit:
Undersigned Settlor, Grantor, Grantee accepts the full dollar value of offer outstanding as the current balance due for Current-Month Current-Year. Enclosed please find one dollar postal money order for Current-Month Current-Year payment leaving a Next-Month Current-Year balance of full dollar value of offer minus Money-Order-Amount (ex: one dollar).

outstanding = prominent, unpaid, unresolved; 1. Remaining undischarged; unpaid; uncollected; as an outstanding debt. 2. Existing as an adverse claim or pretension; not united with, or merged in, the title or claim of the party; as an outstanding title. (from Black's Law online)

2: This is more of an update to the wording, but in the final CR(tm) letter, I am of the thought that it would be wise to update the wording of the first notice within the letter to read:

Pursuant to our agreement, RB XXX XXX XXX US (initial CR(tm)), as AMENDED pursuant to RB XXX XXX XXX US (conditional CR(tm)), please kindly resist from adverse operations and/or administration against the FIRST MIDDLE LAST (as addressed) entity and/or any property and/or accounts held under and/or for the FIRST MIDDLE LAST (as addressed) entity other than agreed upon by ALL parties.

This should finalize the language for these EXAMPLES, but as always, make whatever changes you feel is necessary; how does your heart lead you to act?  

~ Boris

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