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Re: To those still persevering till the end
— by Howie Howie

I hear you.

Those pesky living expenses. How does one get them discharged for free?

I have never found this answer. I have turned over every rock that I could find, but, I never found a way that was reproducible and infallible to discharge charges.

I have found though that if I place my Trust in the Creator of All creation that everything is always taken care of.

If I need money for some service, the opportunity to get that money will arrive....right on time, every time. I can choose to pursue it or not.

If I need clothes, say a new jacket, it never fails that someone I know, without me saying a word, will give me the shirt off their back...literally.

If I need food, and there is no money, it never fails that someone will ask me and mine to dine with them.

And I could go on...and on.

I have been in first name only, in Christian name only, for a long time. I am always protected and provided for. At this point, I don't even give it a thought that money is running low, or the food in the cupboards or the sole of my shoes is getting thin. What I require always arrives.

You quoted a scripture- "You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it."

Those words resonate with me. What you may have missed though is that there is no time mentioned when what you ask for will arrive.

I have found that it, whatever it may be I ask for, will arrive. Not in my time, but, always at the exact right time.

We have been trained to expect instant gratification. But ask yourself, in the realm of nature and all of creation, how can anything be done in an instant? Subtle mysterious wheels and gears must turn to grant you what you have asked for.

Patience. All will arrive.

Do you dream of the Black debit card that we have all heard about but have never seen? It is coming. It is part of the restoration as Claimed under Jubilee. It is called 'Universal Basic Income'.

A new heaven and a new earth is being formed right before our eyes...digitally...coming in the clouds.

We are receiving exactly what we asked's just going to take a little time.

In the mean time, go make it a great day.