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These devices have been rolled out all over the first and second the detriment of millions. It seems that England and California have been hit the hardest...the strangest place that has been hit even harder has been police stations...these devices are known in this community as being part of the silent weapons for quiet wars! The power companies say that they are a tool of great convenience and do no harm to the and, reveal that they are preparing for the 5g roll out!

To directly address your questions...they will not tell you that you have the freedom to opt-out , do this preferably before they install...yet even after you can still get it removed...they will not tell you this, you must directly ask for a waiver form to be sent to the address in question... THEY WILL TRY TO DISTRACT YOU...and misdirect you...stay on point and ask for the opt-out wavier form to be sent to you for get this... YOUR SIGNATURE!  I know of this first hand...I did this for a few houses here in the mid-south...they may even tell you that they will charge a fee for not having the unit response, send the wavier!

It took three weeks to get it...I of course keep calling til I was satisfied that I was properly understood...when I received it, I sent them back and that was that.

It seemed as if the People I spoke with felt as if I was in the wrong for not  thinking as they did...!

(There was a picture post about it being a strange thing when society is surprised  that the children that they taught to be criminals in their youth actually committed crimes in adulthood)...does anyone remember where that quote is? It explains a lot!