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Smart Meter Invasion
— by franc franc
I heard from some locals that the electric utility company that services our area is planning on installing smart meters. From what I learned, these devices are potentially dangerous and invasive. For example, they can:

1. Catch on fire and, therefore, damage property onto which they are installed.
2. Bombard the area with EMF radiation found to be detrimental to health.
3. Determine who is doing what and when in the privacy of their home. This data is then collected for undisclosed purposes and also sold to 3rd parties without consent.

I imagine that the CR (TM) process can be used to keep utilities from installing these meters, but it appears that it is geared more toward demands for payment or performance, rather that forcefully receiving something potentially detrimental or having to pay extra charges to opt out.

Has anyone dealt with electric utility companies and prevented them from installing smart meters without bribing them with extra charges?