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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
I can tell you why this guy is sitting in Federal Prison, but you aint't gonna like to hear it.

It all has to to with everyone wanting their damn accounts and shit but REFUSING to do what is necessary to have the "right accrue to them" because people are impatient and think they are owed something.

We were "sold into bondage" because of the actions and inactions of our ancestors/forefathers; Jesus Christ redeems the Man; the Man in turn redeems the PERSON by infusing the Spirit of Christ within that PERSON.

Follow the instructions of God Almighty and observe the teachings of Christ Jesus and you will find out HOW to "unlock" these accounts and free the PERSON (Trusted estate held within) by coming to understand WHY they were "locked" in the first place.

Until you are ready to seek the Kingdom of Heaven and walk the path Jesus Christ laid out, you will continue to fail; continue to bang your head against closed doors; continue to think "they" are out to get you, because paranoia, anger, and distrust will be the lot of your inheritance.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.