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The CR(tm) "process" can be utilized in ANY situation, but the formulation of the "process" is HIGHLY dependent upon the outcome you seek.

For instance, if you wish to take care of a utility bill, then it probably would be wise to NOT include anything that mentions "settled and closed" because that would probably result in the utility being shut off, by simple logic.

Furthermore, with utilities, and ALL corporations for that matter, I would think it wise to submit the CR(tm) to the Registered Agent of such (of Sec of State if no registered agent) or at the very least, the utility's General Counsel. Agreed?

So, one would sit down and formulate a "process" by which one would contact the utility company to get them to prove up the claim for "payment" while at the same time getting the agreement that the over-payment in the end would be considered the surety bond under which all "debt" would be "settled" for as of this moment, the only thing with which one could "pay" results in a debt burden upon the future generations (debt servitude).

The PO Money Order constitutes an ORDER issued to obtain X Dollars; grains of Silver, as defined within the Act of July 2, 1792, more commonly called the Coinage Act; not a PROMISE to pay dollars at some undefined future date (Federal Reserve Notes)

This act alone brings the utility account out of bankruptcy, thus renders it immune to the demand of "military script," for it should now operate outside the "state of emergency" or REDEEMED.

Thus, the CR(tm) actually assists one in the fulfillment of duty under Law of Nations, book 2, Articles 104-105 and INSURES that Articles 108-110 are also ENSURED while at the same time keeping with the spirit and intent of Law of Nations, Book 1 articles 192 and 196.

Also, this keeps with the whole Malachi 3:10 surrendering back to the storehouse what was taken and then challenging the LORD for the blessings of the New Covenant. Now, the "storehouse" (utility account) has "meat" (substance).

You need to plan the outcome for the specific "process" you are creating using CR(tm) as the foundation within that Secular World for each account one redeems is one step closer to subduing the Earth in His Name for His Glory for it is with the blessing of God Almighty through the teachings of Jesus Christ that brought us to this point in time.

The CR(tm) is a stepping stone in how one learns how to CREATE with the intent rooted in peace and harmony; a blueprint for the physical world outcome; manifestation, you seek.

Hopefully this helps.

~ Boris

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