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31 cfr 225  Custodian means a Federal Reserve Bank or an entity within the United States designated by such Federal Reserve Bank under terms and conditions prescribed by such Federal Reserve Bank, a depositary specifically designated by the Secretary of the Treasury for purposes of this part, or such other entities as the Secretary of the Treasury may designate for purposes of this part.

Since the Federal Reserve does purchase US Securities, they, in addition to purchasing for the Federal Reserve Bank, might just possibly do purchases as the custodian for the minor account by establishing a primary account for the benefit of the minor. Account established when the PRESUMPTION of abandonment took place and sits available if the prodigal son shows up. If bible principles are in play then this makes perfect sense letting go of the "evil" aspect of things.

The account or something similar MUST be in existence otherwise Randy Beanne would not have received any "funds", which thus indicates some account both under the Name and the SS#.

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