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CR(tm) and utilities
— by rasel rasel
Hello boris,

Can this be used for a utility bill, statement/coupon ?

I was reading a file Boris Audio 10-23-2014, seems to be notes from a talkshoe audio you did way back in the day.

It states """"""""What do I do with ATT bill?  Accept for honor on behalf of the United States.  Flip over, pay to the order of the United States Treasury, without recourse.  Use $1 stamp.  Boris says people are using the tax per Q, date, where the people put their thumbprint and put tax per Q, put thumbprint on envelope and put registered mail sticker and place in the mail in blue box and it get to the destination.  

1.08 You have to put your demand for lawful money and acquittance and discharge.  In the absence of lawful money, all that is left is acquittance and discharge of obligation to the offer. """""""""""

Is this method still valid? They always say send "check" with coupon ... so it requires 2 times...

What would be the proper updated where it can be pay to the order of att?

Thank you.