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Came across this during my research of 31cfr, minor accounts, emergency banking act and gold repeal act.

By doing the rebuttal as suggested and the notice of being age of majority appears under the Minors act the minor/ beneficiary has right to the account.  Further research indicates a few places notice of age of majority should be noticed. Registrar (birth county and state), dept of treasury,  federal reserve system. Revisiting research i did years ago which the number on back of ss is used as serial # on frn's, this confirmed by U.S. mint office. They can also provide how many of each denomination was printed and in circulation. What does this mean?  More then likely federal reserve established a minor acct with treasury securities that minor can access upon 18. How might we know there is an acct? The guy sitting in jail in Knoxville. He accessed the primary acct however had no authority.  Procedure is spelled out in 31 cfr.

Site below proves minors rights.

Makes perfect sense now the system operates as it does while providing for the benefit of the source.  They just dont come out and plainy tell us